Our Portfolio & Investments

Rizk Ventures has built operating platforms in the real estate space across a number of sectors both in the United States and Latin America. With more than 30 years of experience across a number of sectors in real estate, the firm currently owns and operates commercial, healthcare and self storage properties across 19 states and the country of Colombia totaling over 25 million square feet.

Rizk Ventures has deep expertise in the healthcare industry, specifically in the healthcare technology and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) spaces. We currently own software companies and real estate within the healthcare industry, including RVH Solutions and its Teamwrks Technology Suite. RVH Solutions uses data analysis and full staff collaboration to enhance both the quality of healthcare and healthcare systems’ profitability without workforce reductions.

Rizk Ventures has built upon its experience in the technology space and has since expanded its portfolio to better cover the full spectrum of technology and the industries it helps improve. We have built, managed, and sold several technology platforms and currently own technology companies aimed at improving healthcare operations and margins, mitigating labor abuse in corporate supply chains, and providing distance learning services.

Rizk Ventures proudly supports Military,
Community, and Education initiatives.

Our Story:

Rizk Ventures leadership has operated, owned, and sold past businesses, both public and private, in the real estate, healthcare, and technology industries stemming back to the 1990’s.

Real Estate: 1994 – 1999

Thomas Rizk led the family-owned real estate partnership, Cali Associates, through its highly successful IPO on the NYSE, as Cali Realty Corporation, making Mr. Rizk one of the youngest CEO’s of a publicly traded company.

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Cali Realty Corporation

Mr. Rizk was responsible for establishing Cali Realty Corporation’s position as one of the fastest growing publicly traded REIT’s in the United States, producing some of the strongest financial returns in the REIT sector. Under his direction, the company’s portfolio grew from 12 initial properties at the time of the IPO to over 250 properties totaling over 28 million square feet.

Mack-Cali Realty Corporation

As Mack-Cali Realty Corporation, the company’s total market capitalization grew from $300 million to over $3.6 billion, completing over $3 billion in acquisitions while maintaining the company’s 50-year reputation for superior property management and tenant services.

Investor Return Highlights

  • 148% Total Shareholder Return vs. 55% for REIT Sector
  • +$3B Acquisitions, +$2B Equity & Debt Issuances
  • 27% Average Debt / Market Cap & Investment Grade Rating
  • Increased Occupancy from 91% to 97%

Healthcare Tech: 2000 – 2013

In 2000, Thomas Rizk founded TractManager Inc., the recognized leader in providing technology-based contract management solutions to healthcare organizations.

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TractManager Inc.

Serving as the Chairman and CEO of TractManager until April 2013, Mr. Rizk led the company’s growth from a start-up operation to a company that serves over 25% of the hospitals in the United States.

TractManager International

In 2010, TractManager expanded with the creating of TractManager International, an International arm of the business established by Geoffrey Rizk, Leo Nolan, and Klaus Lederer. Aimed towards expanding TractManager’s business into international markets, TractManager International focused on the Middle East and South America.

Track Record of Success

  • Served Over 25% of Hospitals in the United States
  • 130,000+ Total End Users at Over 5,000 Locations
  • Revenue Grew at a 48% CAGR from 2001 – 2011
  • 97% Client Retention & 99% Recurring Revenue Rates as of 2011

Rizk Ventures: 2013 – Present

In 2013, Thomas Rizk and Linda Rizk Co-Founded Rizk Ventures, an investment platform with a focus on operating and owning businesses in the Real Estate, Healthcare, and Technology sectors.

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Return to Real Estate

One of the first major investments by Rizk Ventures was the purchase of 100+ office and flex properties across the United States to be managed and leased under the Workspace Property Trust (WSPT) brand. WSPT is just one of Rizk Ventures’ many forays back into the Real Estate industry. Other Rizk Ventures owned businesses such as GSRVC and Lenus Healthcare Properties own and lease select hospitals and healthcare buildings in Colombia. In 2020, Rizk Ventures launched Sparebox Storage to acquire, upgrade and operate self storage locations throughout the United States.

Healthcare & Technology

Rizk Ventures has also made significant investments in both healthcare and technology, using their experience and history to guide and scale businesses aimed at providing solutions in healthcare and other tech-influenced industries. These portfolio companies include RVH Solutions, Counter Forced Labor Technologies, Classroom24-7, and more.

Special Situations

Rizk Ventures is always on the look out for opportunity, even when that opportunity falls outside our traditional investment industries. These “special situation” investments give Rizk Ventures unique access into industries like Entertainment and Fashion and allows Rizk Ventures to leverage its resources and influence to maximize performance and financial return.