Rizk Ventures has deep expertise in healthcare, specifically in the healthcare technology and SaaS space, as evidenced by the growth and sale of TractManager.

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2. Classroom24-7
3. National Clinics
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RVH Solutions

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RVH Solutions (RVHS) provides an artificial intelligence (AI) SaaS platform which distills complex data patterns and root-cause analysis in order to identify opportunities for margin and quality enhancement and builds detailed project plans for the realization of value at health systems.

Teamwrks Technology Suite

Our powerful technology suite amplifies the efforts of healthcare change leaders by streamlining data gathering, analyses, and project creation to move quickly from data to realized results.

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Classroom24-7 is a full-service online education company that develops, creates, executes, and maintains distance learning technologies and services. Our customized solutions improve the educational experience for learners, enhance our partners’ brands, and generate new revenue streams.

Market Opportunity Study

Identify the best programs to launch through market research and analysis.

Needs Assessment

Determining the critical components required to launch successful online education programs.

Detailed Work Plan

Delivering customized step-by-step execution plans.

Rich Media Production

Transforming live programs into dynamic online learning programs.

Learning Management System

Driving the growth of institutions’ distance education programs.

Marketing & Recruitment

Developing and executing marketing, recruitment and retention plans to attract highly-qualified students.

National Clinics

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National Clinics is an organization dedicated to the delivery of health services through a network of Colombian hospitals, clinics, and healthcare providers.They serve a network of clinics with a model of cost-effective medical management, helping to integrate the interests of the patient and the clinic responsible for paying.

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Healthcare Providers

Rightway Healthcare_V2

Rightway Healthcare

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Rightway Healthcare is a healthcare platform focused on reducing costs and improving experiences for employers and employees through a redesigned approach.

Rightway focuses on employer’s rising healthcare costs by empowering their employees to make informed, intelligent and economical decision concerning the cost and quality of treatments.