Rizk Ventures Global

Thomas Rizk
Founder & CEO

CEO, Workspace Property Trust

Co-Founder, CFO, & Managing Partner

Founder & CEO, CHTCS

Leo Nolan
CIO & Managing Partner

CIO, Workspace Property Trust

Geoffrey Rizk
Managing Partner

Jack Lyden

COO, RVH Solutions

Workspace Property Trust

Roger Thomas
Co-Founder, President & COO

Mike Gervasio
Vice President, Operations & Innovation

Chris Allen
Executive Vice President & CFO

Anthony A. Nichols
Sr. Vice President, Leasing

Christopher Eckerd
Vice President, Property Management

RVH Solutions

Jason Palmer

Charlie Dawson

Greg Hammond

Keith Bush

Dean Kristiniak

Brian Taylor
Director, Operations

Jeff Rosenberg
Vice President, Client Solutions

Grant Ellis
Vice President, Operations

Ben Hornsby
Business Development


Ernie Liang
Partner & Advisor

Matt Gervasio
Matt Gervasio
Director, Marketing

Counter Human Trafficking Compliance Solutions

James D. Wiley
Principal & COO

Leelila Strogov
Leelila Strogov

Advisor, Rizk Pictures

John Clark



Thomas Rizk has 30 years of experience that includes building both private and public companies, managing alternative investments, and investing in special opportunities. His sector experience includes healthcare, technology, real estate, energy and education. Mr. Rizk founded TractManager Inc, the recognized leader in providing technology-based contract management solutions to healthcare organizations. He served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer until April 2013. He led the company’s growth from a start-up operation to a company that served over 25% of the hospitals in the United States, with more than 130,000 end users at over 5,000 locations throughout all 50 states.

Prior to TractManager Inc, Mr. Rizk led the family-owned real estate partnership, Cali Associates, through its highly successful initial public offering as Cali Realty Corporation, a real estate investment trust (REIT) traded on the NYSE. Mr. Rizk led a management team that produced some of the strongest financial returns in the REIT sector. As President and Chief Executive Officer, he led the merger of Cali Realty Corporation into the Mack Company and Patriot American Office Group in 1997. Mr. Rizk was Chief Executive Officer and a Director of Mack-Cali Realty Corporation. He served as a member of the company’s Executive Committee of the Board of Directors.

Thomas Rizk received his B.A. in Business Administration from Rutgers University, his J.D. from Rutgers University School of Law, and his L.L.M. in Taxation from the New York University School of Law.





Fernando Salgado is a medical doctor with over 25 years of experience in clinical practice and has held top managerial positions in both public and private sectors including the Multinational Pharmaceutical Industry. He has experience in creating innovative clinic and business models, audit of health care services, and Business Insights and Strategic Planning (BI&SP).

Dr. Fernando Salgado is a well recognized health care consultant with a track record of success in health organizations including those of the biopharmaceutical industry, health insurers, health care services, Government and institutional business.

Dr. Fernando Salgado’s highlighted experience includes his current role as CEO at S&P International Health S.A.S and a current senior consultant and partner at GES consulting group. His past experience includes being the Director General for development of health services at the Ministry of Health of Colombia and he also held the position of Medical Director and partner at Centro de Investigación y Control de Enfermedades Crónicas y de Alto Costo Cic Altocosto S.A. He has also held positions at Baxter Inc., the Colombian Social Security Institute, and at the CAFABA institute for family compensation programs.





Mr. Rizk is a Managing Partner at Rizk Ventures. Mr. Rizk has been involved in all phases of the firm’s development since its founding in 2013. His focus within the firm has been on the capital markets side of the business, as well as helping with the business’ global expansion.

Mr. Rizk has also been active in Rizk Ventures philanthropy efforts. His passion has been to help inner city children in impoverished communities. He has been extremely involved in raising money specifically for the Mourning Family Foundation as well as the HoneyShine Mentoring Program.

Previously, Mr. Rizk was the Co-founder of TractManager International LP, a leading contract management solution for the healthcare industry. He was responsible for opening the companies offices in Colombia and Brazil. TractManager and TractManager International LP was sold in 2013.

Prior to TractManager, he worked at JP Morgan in Sales and Trading in the Rates Group. He was involved in trading repurchase agreements and agency mortgage-backed securities.

Mr. Rizk started his undergrad for the University of Pittsburgh. He later transferred and received his B.A. in Economics from the University of Maryland.





Over the past 20 years, Mrs. Rizk has been instrumental in sourcing and initiating many of the early stage investments for Rizk Ventures. Mrs. Rizk also leads the Rizk Ventures philanthropic initiative by supporting and partnering with countless charitable organizations to promote awareness for the needs of injured service members, to support youth education initiatives, and to combat the effects of poverty.

Mrs. Rizk has received numerous awards for her charitable efforts including the STRANG Humanitarian Award (STRANG Cancer Prevention Center is a diagnostic and research facility for the detection and prevention of cancer), the Wheelchair Charities Humanitarian Award (Wheelchair Charities supports and enhances the quality of life for paraplegics and quadriplegics at the Goldwater Memorial Hospital in New York), the Colleen Giblin Foundation Humanitarian Award (Colleen Giblin Foundation supports children’s neurological and cancer research), and an honorary special recognition by Operation Game On.

Mrs. Rizk is also the Founder of Rizk Compliance and Counter Human Trafficking Compliance Solutions (CHTCS), global compliance and advisory companies that provide corporations with various services including the training, assessment, research, and supply chain transparency required to combat human trafficking, forced labor, and child labor. CHTCS provides corporations and businesses with the technological solutions needed to better manage the risk of slave labor and/or human trafficking in the supply chain.

Mrs. Rizk serves on the Advisory Board for Operation Game On, an innovative golf rehabilitation program for returning combat-injured troops suffering from physical and mental disabilities and was recently elected to the University of North Carolina’s Board of Visitors Class of 2021. Mrs. Rizk previously served on the board of directors for the Institute for Educational Achievement, the nation’s most prestigious non-profit school for children with autism.

Linda Rizk received her B.A. in Economics from Rutgers University Douglass College and worked in public finance as an investment banker while completing her M.B.A. in Finance from Pace University.





Mr. Nolan has a diverse background having previously worked in investment banking, credit investing, and healthcare technology. He brings both a financial and corporate perspective across a variety of industries. Prior to Rizk Ventures, Mr. Nolan held the position of Co-Head of Global Business Development at TractManager Inc, in this role he was responsible for managing the operations of TractManager International and pursuing additional opportunities in untapped international markets. Prior to TractManager Inc, he worked in the Credit Opportunities fund at Summit Partners, where he created tailored capital solutions that fit the unique needs of the companies in which the fund invested while focusing on the healthcare, gaming and energy industries. ​ He began his career within Goldman Sachs’ Investment Banking Division, advising on and executing numerous strategic transactions including mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and divestitures.

Mr. Nolan received his B.A. in Political Science from Columbia University.





Mr. Lyden has been a member of the Rizk Ventures team since 2014. Currently he is President & COO of Rizk Ventures Healthcare Solutions (RVH Solutions), a technology company that works with hospital systems to increase profitability and improve quality by helping them identify a wide range of opportunities in revenue enhancement, cost reduction and quality outcomes.

Prior to RVH Solutions, Mr. Lyden was President of Classroom24-7, a leader in online workforce training. While at Classroom24-7, Mr. Lyden developed distance learning programs at top universities, hospitals, and healthcare companies including Georgetown Law, the University of Florida College of Pharmacy, TractManager, Intralign Health, and Hospital for Special Surgery.

Mr. Lyden earned his B.A. in History from Trinity College and his M.B.A from Fordham Gabelli School of Business. He is currently pursuing an Advanced Professional Certificate in Health Policy Analysis at NYU Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service.





Mr. Thomas has more than 30 years of experience working in the real estate sector and assisted Mr. Rizk in taking Cali Associates public. From 1994 to 2014, Mr. Thomas served as Executive Vice President, General Counsel, and Secretary at Mack-Cali Realty Corporation where he was responsible for structuring and overseeing all acquisitions, dispositions, and joint ventures. During his time at Mack-Cali, Mr. Thomas also oversaw the human resources and marketing departments and was a key member of the executive team that reported to Mr. Rizk. Prior to working at Cali Associates and Mack-Cali, Mr. Thomas was a Partner at the New York law firm, Dreyer & Traub.

Mr. Thomas received his B.S.B.A. in Finance and his J.D. both from the University of Denver.





Mr. Gervasio is Senior Vice President of Workspace Property Trust. His experience in the commercial real estate industry includes asset management, brokerage, property management, and consulting. As Senior Vice President he has been part of the executive leadership team that has led WPT through over $1.2 billion of acquisitions in less than one year. During this time WPT has grown from its infancy stage to expanding its portfolio to 149 properties totaling approximately 10 million square feet.

Mr. Gervasio began his career at CB Richard Ellis in the commercial real estate brokerage division. During his tenure, he worked closely with senior management of both private and public companies to develop strategic real estate plans and implementation strategies. He negotiated commercial real estate leasing and sales transactions for both acquisition and disposition assignments on behalf of landlords and tenants.

Mr. Gervasio has previously served as the Vice President of PropertyTract, and was also part of the real estate financial services division of FTI, where he was responsible for providing consulting services to public and private real estate companies including REIT’s, investment and commercial banks, opportunity funds, private equity funds, and insurance companies.

Mr. Gervasio received his B.A. in Communications from the University of Rhode Island.





A decorated business leader across multiple industries from technology to education, Mr. Palmer has 20 years of experience in business management, marketing and sales. He is the Founder of several companies in software (SaaS), marketing, retail, and manufacturing, including the online marketing platform Launchpad IMG. Mr. Palmer currently serves as President of Rizk Ventures Healthcare Analytics, a full service healthcare consulting and advisory company focused on helping healthcare organizations and facilities manage costs, optimize their process, and enhance overall revenue.

As Vice President of Classroom24-7, Mr. Palmer led business development efforts in legal, medical, and pharmacy education, and worked with Georgetown Law School, Northwestern Law School and the Hospital for Special Surgery in Manhattan.

For over a decade, Mr. Palmer served as the President of a business consulting firm offering best of breed management consulting to major corporations as well as venture-backed start-ups including Epson Corporation and Phosphor Technologies. Under Mr. Palmer’s management, Epson was named Inside Track’s #1 Video Manufacturer for 5 consecutive years and Epson Corporation’s North American Home Entertainment market share rose over 400% and now represents over half of all North American sales in the retail front projection market.

Mr. Palmer was honored as a Top Executive in Manufacturing by CTPG and was recognized as one of the Top Executives under 40 in Consumer Electronics by the North American Publishing Company. He is a strong believer in “doing well by doing good”, and is a patent holder in cause-based crowdfunding.

Mr. Palmer has a J.D from UCLA Law School and a B.A. in Journalism/ Advertising from the University of Maryland. He is a dedicated husband to his wife Stephanie, and his four young children, Sophie, Jake, Tessa, and Emerson.




Charlie Dawson married strong mathematic and pattern recognition skills to the world of consulting in 1987 when he combined the analytical skills of physics with business process principals. By devising successful new methodologies for identifying, measuring and remediating business problems Mr. Dawson garnered wide industry appreciation culminating in his partnership in a now publicly traded consulting firm. During his career he has successfully concluded engagements that included leading functional redesign activities with some of the world’s best known organizations including: Southwest Airlines, McCloud USA, Schwab Online, Methodist Health System (Houston), and many others.

Along the way Mr. Dawson wrote 6 books on business topics including, “The Complete Guide to Technical Recruiting”, 1999, Management Advantage, Inc. and “The Human Resource Technology Handbook”, 2002, CRC St Lucie Press.

Mr. Dawson has been published/interviewed for over 20 magazines and online venues, has delivered over 100 speeches and continues to provide guidance as a member of various associations, boards and industry collectives.

Mr. Dawson’s approach to consulting starts with his belief that while there are organizations that are exceptional in certain disciplines, every organization needs to create its own “Best Practices” based on its unique operating circumstances. As a result, Mr. Dawson has pioneered a structured process that assists organizations in discovering how to adapt and evolve existing resources to meet changing business demands.

Perceiving a growing need, In 1999 Mr. Dawson made the choice to focus a majority of his time providing operational support in not-for-profit healthcare and in 2005, he founded Workforce Prescriptions (acquired by Rizk Ventures) as a means of carrying his unique methodology to the broader market.

Mr. Dawson is married with 2 adult children and 2 children still in the home. He and his family live in a bedroom community of Tampa, FL.




Mr. Taylor brings years of domestic and international operational experience in the healthcare and education sectors to the Rizk Ventures team.

As Director of Operations at Classroom24-7, Mr. Taylor manages the day-to-day operations and manages technology implementation projects for our clients. He has invaluable business process optimization knowledge and ensures that Classroom24-7 runs as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Prior to Classroom24-7, Mr. Taylor was a Liaison of International Operations at TractManager Inc. and was responsible for the implementation of all new clients, providing the first line of communication, as well as the training of all new international employees. Mr. Taylor has years of experience as a market analyst and possesses a great understanding of the various industries and sectors relevant to Classroom24-7.

Mr. Taylor received his B.A. in Communications from the University of Maryland.





Mr. Hornsby assists with business development across the spectrum of Rizk Venture’s holdings. His experience is diverse with many years of healthcare and business development accomplishments. He has executive experience at teaching hospitals, community hospitals and ambulatory surgery center management companies. Mr. Hornsby was a co-founder of TractManager, the leader in web based contract management solutions for hospitals. For the last 10 years, Mr. Hornsby has primarily been involved with business development and consulting with companies related to their sales strategy.

Mr. Hornsby has an AS Degree in Respiratory Therapy from Chattanooga State Technical College and a BS Degree in Healthcare Administration from the University of Tennessee.




Mr. Liang has over 20 years of experience leading both entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial ventures within the education, technology, and consumer product sectors.

Currently, Mr. Liang is Chief Executive Officer of Classroom24-7, a leading provider of online education technologies and services. He has led the expansion of the business in the online healthcare and legal education markets as well as spearheaded the development of core technologies and services that will fuel the company’s continued growth. Under Mr. Liang’s leadership, Classroom24-7 has dramatically increased its revenues and added top-tier clients to its customer list, including Georgetown Law, the Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS), and the New Jersey State Bar Association. He is a legacy member of the University of Florida College of Pharmacy’s National Advisory Board.

Mr. Liang co-founded Brattle Street Coaching LLC, a coaching and mentoring firm focused on providing advisory and educational services to individuals and families interested in top-tier U.S. universities and graduate schools. Prior to Brattle Street Coaching, Mr. Liang helped start Epson America, Inc.’s New Ventures group where he built a team that designed and launched products in the consumer electronics, business audio/visual, and education technology markets. Having been awarded four patents, Mr. Liang’s work has been recognized with the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design’s Good Design Award.

Mr. Liang received his B.S. in Chemical Engineering from MIT and his M.B.A. from Harvard Business School.





James D. Wiley is the Chief Operating Officer of Counter Human Trafficking Compliance Solutions, and he brings decades of operational and leadership experience to CHTCS. Mr. Wiley has extensive experience in Human Intelligence and Signals Intelligence collections and analysis, and currently holds the nation’s highest level of security clearance. His background as a Lieutenant Colonel within Special Operations Command, the United States Marine Corps and a sworn Law Enforcement Officer uniquely qualifies him for investigation, location, and acquisition of trafficked individuals and the identification of human trafficking networks.

While working for U.S. Special Operations Command Central, Mr. Wiley developed the Counterterrorism Engagement Program, and had a lead role in standing up the only Crisis Response Element for US Central Command, and coordinated international counterterrorism efforts in key regions. He also directed U.S. Special Operation Forces in Cairo, Egypt during the largest combined military exercise of its kind.

Mr. Wiley established two active and reserve units that directly supported intelligence and operational requirements. He assisted USSOCOM in establishing Det1 and Marine Special Operations Command.

Mr. Wiley has experience in concept development, detail planning, briefing, instruction, and has conducted surveillance, security, undercover operations, and complex investigations. He has served as an operator, instructor, and team lead for numerous high level Protective Services Detail operations for presidents, heads of state, and private parties throughout the world. He has an extensive network of domestic and international contacts in law enforcement, Non-Governmental Organizations, and Other Government Agencies.

As the former Vice President of Reliant Global Solutions, Mr. Wiley directed the organization’s counter human trafficking program. His on-the-ground expertise in Latin America, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East makes him an unrivaled asset in the world of counter human trafficking.

Mr. Wiley has acquired additional expertise in science, technology, and agriculture. He has worked with U.S. Special Operations Command Science and Technology and served as an advisor to Carnegie Mellon’s Software Engineering Institute. He supported the creation of new methods of data visualization, the development of new reporting tools, the formation of alliances, and the implementation of programs that counter human trafficking.

Mr. Wiley has received a succession of awards and commendations from the United States Marine Corps, Special Operations Command, Law Enforcement, and the Intelligence Service.

Mr. Wiley received a B.A./B.S. from the University of Colorado and has earned several certifications through his training and schooling at the Department of Defense and other Intelligence agencies.



Leelila Strogov


Leelila Strogov is a journalist, published author, editor, entrepreneur, and filmmaker. As an investigative reporter and producer for Fox 11 News in Los Angeles, she was nominated for numerous Emmy Awards.

While the editor of Swink magazine, the publication was honored with Pushcart Prizes as well as publication in the renowned anthologies Best American Short Stories, Best American Essays, and Best American Poetry for each issue of the magazine published.

As a filmmaker, her short film “Someone Good Will Find You”, based on a short story by Etgar Keret, received awards at IndieFest as well as the Madrid International Film Festival.

She is currently working on projects in both film and television.


Greg Hammond


Greg Hammond is the Chief Strategy Officer for RVH Solutions, a healthcare technology company that provides hospitals and healthcare systems with technology to adjust operations and achieve significant savings without reducing staff.

Previously serving as Vice President in H2C’s New York office with over ten years of investment banking experience, he was responsible for providing transaction and analytical support to clients on mergers and acquisitions, capital markets, and strategic advisory engagements. He has executed transactions across several verticals within healthcare services, including hospitals and health systems, healthcare information technology, post-acute care, laboratory services and urgent care.

Prior to joining Hammond Hanlon Camp LLC, Mr. Hammond was an associate in the healthcare investment banking group at Morgan Keegan & Company (formerly Shattuck Hammond Partners) where he provided M&A and capital markets advisory services to healthcare services clients. Before joining Morgan Keegan, Mr. Hammond completed two summer analyst programs in the Municipal Finance Healthcare Group at UBS.

He received a B.S. in Finance and International Business from New York University’s Leonard N. Stern School of Business.


Jeff Rosenberg

Vice President, Client Solutions

Mr. Rosenberg has over 25 years of experience in building start-up companies through private equity and organic growth, in the healthcare, technology and telecommunications sectors. He served as Vice President of Sales Development at TractManager Inc., and was instrumental in the company’s ascension to market leader in hospital contract management serving over 25% of the hospitals in the United States.

Prior to TractManager, Mr. Rosenberg was a Co-Founder of Southern California Communications Company, a start-up company funded through private investors that became the largest provider of hospitality telecommunications and payphone services in Southern California.

Currently he is Vice President of Client Solutions at Rizk Ventures Healthcare Solutions (RVH Solutions), which hosts a variety of healthcare technology analytics platforms enabling hospital systems to manage more effectively, and optimize clinical and financial outcomes.