May 8, 2017 Linda Rizk

Rizk Ventures Hosts Private Viewing of Alonzo Adam’s One Man Show Art Exhibit

Linda RizkRizk Ventures was excited to host a private viewing of Alonzo Adams’One Man Show hosted by our own Geoffrey Rizk on April 9th, 2017 at the Four Seasons private residences in support of the Mourning Family Foundation.The event helped kick off the nationally acclaimed artist’s 25th Anniversary of his New York exhibit.

The focus of the art and evening as a whole was friendship and community. Many of the paintings were from Adam’s series currently in development called The Code Blue Series. The series addresses concerns about our youth and humanity in general. Two very special paintings, Pieces of a Dream and The Veteran are both centerpieces of the series.

“Everyone at the show was impressed with the venue, the display, and the energy in the space. It felt like it was a livable gallery,” said Adams. “Geoff Rizk added so much positive energy to the evening.”

A large percentage of the proceeds from the sale of the artwork were donated to the Mourning Family Foundation, an amazing nonprofit organization founded by Tracy and Alonzo Mourning that focuses on the development of youth “through advocacy, education and enrichment.” Over the course of the last 20 years, the Mourning Family Foundation has helped raise over $25 million to support youth development programs.

The event was attended by NBA Hall of FamerAlonzo Mourning, EPSN’s Stephen A. Smith, Former NY Giants TE Zeke Mowatt, Dr. Emmet Dennis, as well as a few long-time collectors of Adam’s artwork. Overall the night was an amazing success thanks to Alonzo,Geoff, and all the incredible guests that walked away with a special piece of Alonzo Adams art.

The event was photographed by another very talented Adam’s family member, Kyle Adams of Prestige Photography.

Pieces of a Dream by Alonzo Adams

Alonzo Mourning, Geoff Rizk, and Alonzo Adams

Linda Rizk and Alonzo Mourning

Alonzo Adams, The Mournings, and The Rizks

Alonzo Adams’ Artwork

Jaylen and Guest

Guests Enjoying the Art