We have an established track record of investing in successful companies from early stage enterprises to publicly traded corporations.




Our Approach

  • Management Experience

    Experience building companies from $10M to $4B
    Broad international expansion and business creation expertise
    Extensive capital markets and financial services expertise

  • Technology & Operational Support

    Rizk Ventures is committed to providing personnel as part of our investments to help scale and provide guidance. We work with real estate partners to identify opportunities to provide technologies and services that can assist the healthcare institutions as well as unrelated healthcare institutions in becoming more efficient.

  • Strategic Relationships & Partnerships

    We leverage our extensive network of industry contacts, political leaders, entrepreneurs, and financial professionals to bolster business opportunities.
    Our team members have experience living and working in countries throughout Latin America, as well as various other countries worldwide.

We are doing this because we think we can make a lot of money for our investors while we’re going to have very positive impacts on communities in which our offices are operating.

– Oliver Niedermaier, TAU Chairman & CEO


National Clinics is an organization dedicated to the delivery of health services through a network of Colombian hospitals, clinics, and healthcare providers. They serve a network of clinics with a model of cost effective medical management, helping to integrate the interests of the patient and the clinic responsible for paying.

TAU Investment Management, LLC is an active growth-equity investment firm that transforms global supply chains. By upgrading and removing risk from supply chains, TAU uses capitalist solutions to solve capitalism’s worst failure – the undervaluation of human and natural resources. By investing to enhance the operational performance of manufacturers, TAU delivers value to all stakeholders, including investors seeking both superior returns and social and environmental benefits.