Rizk Ventures executives have built, managed, and sold several technology platforms in the healthcare, real estate, and SaaS industries.

Our Companies & Investments

Supply Chain Compliance
Counter Forced Labor Technologies

Counter Forced Labor Technologies is a global compliance and advisory technology company that helps corporations and their 3rd party suppliers identify and solve regulatory and legal compliance issues tied to forced labor, human trafficking, and modern slavery.

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Healthcare Technology
RVH Solutions

RVH Solutions (RVHS) provides an artificial intelligence (AI) SaaS platform which distills complex data patterns and root-cause analysis in order to identify opportunities for margin and quality enhancement and builds detailed project plans for the realization of value at health systems.

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Online Education

Classroom24-7 is a full-service online education company that develops, creates, executes, and maintains distance learning technologies and services. Our customized solutions improve the educational experience for learners, enhance our partners’ brands, and generate new revenue streams.

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Healthcare Platform
Rightway Healthcare

Rightway Healthcare is a healthcare platform focused on reducing costs and improving experiences for employers and employees through a redesigned approach. Rightway focuses on employer’s rising healthcare costs by empowering their employees to make informed, intelligent and economical decision concerning the cost and quality of treatments

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Exited Investment
TractManager / MediTract

TractManager / MediTract is a healthcare service and contract management company that provides unique technological solutions and data insights in order to advise healthcare providers on various operational and day-to-day functions. It aims to optimize functions in order to help ensure a properly functioning provider has the operational capacity to provide healthcare at the highest level.

"Our goal is to empower and partner with organizations to make intelligent and data driven supply chain decisions that help ensure compliance and mitigate the risk of forced labor."

Lt Col James D. Wiley
Principal & COO
Counter Forced Labor

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"We delve beyond 'analytics and metrics' into 'root causes and actionable intelligence' so hospitals are empowered to improve margin without reducing labor or risking outcomes."

Jason Palmer
Chief Executive Officer
RVH Solutions